"This new understanding (serve2perform®) of skill building quickly becomes a way of life"
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Our teaching methodology of equipping individuals with the knowledge and resources to engage serve2perform® on an ongoing basis as a learning and development practice.
Our coaching for management and executives proven to grow their leadership effectiveness by adopting the serve2perform® practice and empowering their teams to do the same.
Our serve2perform® certified Associates who combine their extensive experience, insights, and knowledge of our clients to provide thought leadership that creates impact of scale.
Meet Our Founder
Dr. Adam Arroyos, Founder & CEO
Grandslam Performance Associates
From the time he can remember,
GPA’s Founder Dr. Adam Arroyos has been driven to find ways to serve in any way that he can, thanks to his parents who instilled this valuable virtue in him. He remembers that his parents never let their financial disadvantages define them or keep them from accessing the resources they needed and it wasn’t until later in life that he figured out how they went about doing so.

It was in a class during his PhD program at the University of Arkansas where he connected the dots. One of the topics of the class discussion was social capital and as he heard it being described, he was taken back to his childhood and realized that he had been raised by experts in social capital.
when you serve more, it will empower you to be more and do more
You see, the reason Adam and his family always had what they needed was due to the social capital his parents had developed through serving others. Their continuous engagement in service afforded them with valuable resources they would have not otherwise had.

Over the year’s, Adam has applied this practice and has found it to be a great source for skill building, learning, relationships, leadership development, social capital, and much, much more. He refers to this practice as serve2perform® to emphasize the fact that when you serve more, it will empower you to be more and do more.

In 2012, Dr. Arroyos launched his firm, GPA, with the mission of bringing serve2perform® to every corner of the world to make success possible for everyone, regardless of circumstances. Join Dr. Arroyos and other serve2performers by becoming a member of our serve2perform® Community of Practice at s2pcommunity.com.
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